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Business Travel Consulting

Our business is to understand yours

Business Travel Consulting

Mideast’s business travel consulting services are designed to make your business travel plans gratifying for your employees and rewarding for your company. We will review your corporate travel schemes and demonstrate how you can enhance performance, decrease spend and modernize the full scale or an aspect of your program. Our consulting solutions will allow you to reimagine the ways you source, monitor, implement and measure while focusing on what matters most; your business objectives.

Travel & Expense Strategy

We will provide insight and use our expertise to reveal your saving opportunities, adjust your strategy according to your goals and maximize its benefits

Program Optimization

We will help you augment compliance, shrink leakage and uncover value that goes beyond savings to maximize your return on investment (ROI) 

Apps & Software

We will enable you to revamp processes by presenting innovative solutions that will help you stay one step ahead in the market

Data Intelligence & Analytics

We will guide you through assimilating data, gathering advanced analytics, analyzing trends and establishing predictive modeling to drive growth

Reporting & insights

Get access to cross-industry insights and consultation on how to measure efficiency, substantiate reporting and manage proposals

Supplier Management

We will revamp your supplier relationship management practices and direct you towards favorable negotiation positions

Travel Services Outsourcing

Handle change management and tackle short and long-term projects with an agile team of expert business travel advisors

Traveler Engagement

We will assist you in crafting and executing a profitable traveler engagement program that will inform and motivate employees and create a cost-effective business culture

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